Change Your 10%

One of the challenges many managers have is finding a starting point for solving problems. Most great managers can see problems, suggestions, and opportunities all around them – but have only so many hours in a day. How do you find the starting point? How do you prioritize? What’s most important? This session will give you a new perspective on what’s essential in your business, job and career – and how to focus on the most significant issues.

Speaker: Dr. Ashley Lesko

Dr, Lesko has a multi-faceted background - from working in the military as a Naval Officer to leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies, to educating students at colleges and universities. As a Surface Warfare Officer, she led hundreds of sailors and employees on ships on both coasts.

After receiving her MBA at MIT, she filled various roles at Amazon in HR, ops and finance with $45M in P&L, training programs, budgeting, and strategy across 4 fulfillment centers.

She now leads Square Peg Solutions, a focused in optimizing your employee supply chain – helping companies reduce their greatest single-item expense, payroll expense through talent engagement optimization. She teaches business and HR classes for Harvard Extension and Queens University.


When:  May 16th, 2017 -   6:00-8:00 PM

Where:  Wells Fargo Learning Center at the Green (301 S. Tryon Street; Charlotte, NC28202)

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Parking: See below

Directions:  Park in the garage at the Green.  The classrooms are directly above Matt’s Chicago Dog.  Go up the stairs from the lawn at the green and enter the glass double doors.  There will be a stairway on your right, head up and you’ll find the education facility for Wells Fargo.

The "I" in Human Innovation

Innovative organizations encourage innovative thinking. But what does that really mean? This program will inspire and encourage the attendees to discover their inner genius and unmistakable creativity. It calls on the importance of improved methods of Ideation and resulting process for Human Innovation. 

Every human being has the potential to advance and improve upon culture, technology, community, environment, and society as a whole by deliberately disrupting the very notion of disruption by embracing what is and finding respectful, true and pleasurable ways of improvement. As individuals and groups, we have left and right brain thinking and methods to achieve innovation. The key is allowing the left and right to mix and mingle - commencing with the individual desire to touch, feel, interact and engage with the world around you.

About the Speaker: Tim Pecoraro

Tim is high-energy and fast-paced with no lack of humor, vision, passion or zeal. If you ask who he is, he will always tell you that he is a leader, a communicator, and an artist. Tim approaches challenges by crafting unique solutions that get results. Tim can ignite any group, by pairing keen insights with excellent delivery, imaginative word pictures, and illustrations. Tim has launched three businesses in the Upstate of South Carolina that continue to provide extraordinary services to the clients they serve. He is a Certified Leadership and Team Coach with the John Maxwell Team under his long-time leadership hero and mentor John Maxwell. 

As a founding partner with theideagroup, LLC, Tim’s primary focus has now become his passion – people and their development as individuals, entrepreneurs, and teams for personal and professional growth.

When: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 6:00 - 8:30 PM

Where: The Society Hall; 504 Rhett Street; Greenville, SC


  • $25 non-PDMA members
  • $15 PDMA members and students

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