The Foundations of Innovation are a series of sessions devoted to providing a primary approach to innovation. The multi-part series includes sessions devoted to:

  1. Innovation Purpose
  2. Consumer insights
  3. Idea/Portfolio Management
  4. Requirements Writing
  5. Speed to Market
  6. Elements of Design
  7. Product/Service Commercialization

Foundations of Innovation 3: Foundations 1 covered the reason we innovate and how each of us can personally participate in the process directly or indirectly. Foundations 2 focused on the next step: methods to gather consumer insights and effectively utilizing them.  Now in Foundations 3, we turn our attention to the concept of portfolio management. Embedded in the concept of portfolio management is idea management. 

Project Portfolio Management is a set of sub-processes all designed to answer a fundamental question: What projects should a business invest in? It is termed "portfolio management" because it is similar to managing a "portfolio" of investments in the financial world. Project portfolio's, like investment portfolio's, will have more or less risk depending on the firm's strategic needs. This workshop will describe the 4 fundamental sub-processes that make up an effective project portfolio management process.  

We look forward to hosting you and continuing to lay the foundational approach to innovation that can better serve us as professionals, our companies, communities and the world as a whole.

Note that while maximum benefit is obtained by attending all the Foundations courses, each course is stand-alone and does not require attendance at previous courses in the series.

Where: Online 

When: Tuesday July 24, 2018; 10:00-11:00 a.m

How much does it cost and registration: The course is free and you can register here. Note that space is limited to 25 participants.