We are living in the age of the digital transformation, where Innovation spans a wide range of product development to the innovation of business models. To succeed in commercializing innovations, you have to choose the right opportunities and develop them including the mitigating of risks and maximization of chances. The application of sound “Innovation Management” practices are a must.


But there are so many techniques and tools out there:

·       How should you decide on the right approach?

·       How should you manage risk during innovation projects, or ensure the success of innovations?


This program will show a holistic innovation approach called “Risk and Opportunity Optimized Innovation Management”, which is based on our PDMA-BoK and the personal experience of Klaus Hitzenberger. The central element is a tool called “Innovation-Lead-Sheet”, which guides innovation and helps to select the right innovation tools, techniques and approaches. It structures innovation in any environment, integrating any of the “State of the Art” Innovation approaches or techniques. Join us and learn how to optimize your innovations.


About the speaker:

Klaus Hitzenberger, based in Austria/Europe, is experienced in commercializing innovation in a variety of industries and for international companies worldwide. He holds a master of engineering in mechatronics (1996) and a master in business (2002). He received his certification as Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2002 and his certification as New Product Development Professional (NPDP) in 2006. He contributed to the update of the PDMA-BoK in 2004.

After being employed in different functions - Development Engineer, Project Manager, Product Manager, Head of Product and Project Management and Managing Director - he launched his consulting company “Innovationsoptimierer”.  



How much does it cost and registration

  • $25 non-PDMA members
  • $15 PDMA members/students

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