Innovate Carolina Conference - 2018

Date: Friday April 13, 2018

Location:  The NC Biotech Center, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 

Conference Theme: Ignite Your Innovation Vision:Practices Large and Small Companies Can Teach Each Other

Are you a large organization, and concerned that your innovation efforts are hindered by corporate inertia and want to infuse a start-up mentality to drive innovation and growth? Or are you a small organization, perhaps a start-up, and realize that to be successful you have to implement a process to create a steady stream of innovations? Then consider attending our 2018 Innovate Carolina Conference!

Our speakers will represent both large and small organizations, as well as consultants and experts in how large and small organizations can learn from one another. Topics will include:

  • Corporate speakers will address topics on using lean startup, accelerators, incubators or other means to mimic or replicate the speed and agility of a small company.
  • Smaller companies will delve into topics on how they work with larger companies to accelerate innovation.
  • Consultants will speak on success stories, methodologies or recommended solutions that help larger companies innovate more successfully using lean, agile, lean startup or other techniques. 
  • Companies of any size will educate us on what they’ve learned or success stories about working with their opposite (what large companies learned about innovation when working with small companies or vice versa). 

Are you interested in speaking on this topic? Visit our call for speakers page.

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What is Innovate Carolina?

Innovate Carolina is an annual conference held in North Carolina, focused on innovation and new product development.  Innovate Carolina is sponsored by the Carolinas chapter of the Product Development Management Association (PDMA), an association focused on improving the skills and capabilities of its members in product development, product management and innovation.

Each year the Carolinas Chapter holds a one day innovation conference, featuring local corporations and service providers who are leaders in the innovation and product development space.  The conference is an excellent opportunity to learn new techniques or tools and network with other product development and innovation practitioners.   

This is the 9th year we’ve hosted Innovate Carolina, and the conference has consistently been ranked by attendees as equal, if not better than, national innovation conferences.  So you can have the best of both worlds:  a local, one day conference, filled with your colleagues and neighbors, with top flight content that you can learn and use immediately.

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