Jeff Groh is owner and principal consultant at New Product Visions, a consultancy dedicated to helping companies become more effective at innovation management and new product development. His overall approach is to view innovation and new product development as a key business process where success is as much a function of effective and thoughtful processes as it is on a highly engaged senior management, solid organization structure, and a culture that supports innovation.

Prior to starting New Product Visions, Jeff served as VP Technology for TA Instruments-Waters LLC, an analytical instrument manufacturer. In that role, he was responsible for new product development across all product lines and in three geographic locations, as well as part of the executive team that established strategic direction and were responsible for financial performance. Over his 30+ industrial career with DuPont, a small business he owned, and TA Instruments, he gained experience in sales, marketing, general business management, and service and support that along with his role in new product development, gives him well-rounded view of all key functions that lead to organization success.

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